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Mirror backed vase - can fit golf ball (5mm thick)110mm x 205mm HItem code: V4001
Glass and metal swivel desk clock125mm x 180mmItem code: 307RVS
Penstand & deluxe pen (10mm thick)205mm x 80mmItem code: PS05
Penstand (10mm thick)150mm x 76mmItem code: PP1001
Name plate with double pen holders & deluxe pens (10mm thick)300mm x 70mm HItem code: NCO3
Clock trophy (12mm thick)150mm x 215mm HItem code: CF12RE68
Card holder (10mm thick)100mm x 50mmItem code: PS3003
Letter/card holder (10mm thick)150mm x 60mmItem code: PS4005
Paperweight (19mm thick)90mm x 60mmItem code: PO19NHN
3 Tier base/paperweight (12mm thick)100mm x 75mmItem code: 12RE34T
Photoframe and clock (5mm thick)Frame 4" x 6"Item code: 4OB51C
Photoframe and clock (5mm thick)Frame 5" x 7"Item code: 4OB21C
Mirror and acrylic stand150mm x 100mm HItem code: MT464
Mirror and acrylic stand180mm x 140mm HItem code: MT0004
Mirror and acrylic stand200mm x 150mm HItem code: MT5004
Photoframe - portrait (8mm thick)Frame 2" x 3"Item code: 88C310J
Photoframe - portrait (8mm thick)Frame 4" x 6"Item code: 88C510J
Photoframe - portrait (8mm thick)Frame 5" x 7"Item code: 88C210J
Timber plaque8" x 6"Item code: PB86M
Timber plaque9" x 7"Item code: PB97M
Timber plaque10" x 8"Item code: PB108M
Timber plaque12" x 9"Item code: PB129M
Timber and glass plaquePlaque 10" x 8" Glass 5" x 7"Item code: PBSP108M
Timber and glass plaquePlaque 12" x 9" Glass 5" x 7"Item code: PBSP129M
Mirror backed vase - can fit golf ball (5mm thick)130mm x 205mmItem code: V5001
Arch glass clock and pin (10mm thick)110mm x 180mm HItem code: CSAR01
Arch glass clock and base (10mm thick)110mm x 190mmItem code: CSAR02
Gold arch - metal and acrylic120mm x 170mmItem code: 307G
Silver arch - metal and acrylic120mm x 170mmItem code: 307C
Timber and glass plaqueGlass 5" x 7"Item code: RE574H
Timber and glass plaqueGlass 7" x 9"Item code: RE794H
Timber and glass plaqueGlass 7" x 10"Item code: RE7104H
Clock and pen stand (10mm thick)150mm x 110mm HItem code: CSPPEIREIC
Curved bevelled photoframe - portraitFrame 2" x 3"Item code: 4BB310J
Curved bevelled photoframe - portraitFrame 4" x 6"Item code: 4BB510J
Curved bevelled photoframe - landscapeFrame 6" x 4"Item code: 4BB510D
Curved bevelled photoframe - portraitFrame 5" x 7"Item code: 4BB210J
Curved bevelled photoframe - landscapeFrame 7" x 5"Item code: 4BB210D
Curved bevelled photoframe - portraitFrame 8" x 10"Item code: 4BB810J
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